An analysis of the character quentin compson in the sound and the fury a short story by the american

A Feminist Approach to Faulkner. Benjy is simply sent away, and Jason gives up his heritage for money. The section begins with Ikkemotubbe, a Chickasaw chief who gave up the square of land that would later become Jefferson, Mississippi. When dissatisfied with their lives, people often tend to obsess over or try to recreate a time in their past in which they were more content.

Compson tells him that virginity is invented by men and should not be taken seriously. In a sense, Mr.

Quentin Compson

Over the course of the 30 years or so related in the novel, the family falls into financial ruin, loses its religious faith and the respect of the town of Jefferson, and many of them die tragically.

They also both seem have certain psychological issues that contribute to their obsession and their eventual downfall. UP of Mississippi, As an adventuress, she travels widely, and in the postlude to the novel she appears as the consort of a Nazi officer in Paris.

Although at the time he was murdered, Gatsby was crushed by the fact that Daisy had chose her husband over him. He also narrates several chapters of Absalom, Absalom!

Her fortitude in tragedy is even more remarkable for all her complaining, but she victimizes her children and devoted servants to maintain her resentment and illnesses. In his monologue, Quentin tries to overcome the destructive, nihilistic philosophy advocated by his father and to discover some meaningful values in life by which he can live and affirm rather than negate the existence of humanity.

Dalton Ames said that all women are bitches; Mr. Jason is also a focus in the section, but Faulkner presents glimpses of the thoughts and deeds of everyone in the family. The last line is, perhaps, the most meaningful: This idea is further emphasized with his bad investments on cotton, which becomes symbolic to the failing south.

We would have only the bizarre and somewhat romanticized story of the rise and fall of an unusual man. Based on certain character traits he possesses, his words, and his actions throughout the novel, Gatsby seems to be somewhat of a narcissist.

Just as Gatsby symbolizes the American dream of the s, Quentin symbolizes, possibly to himself, the ideal Southern gentlemen with proper values and morals. He recognized tenderness and love though he could not have name them [ The meaning of the story comes through the character of Quentin.

Frony met her at the door and brought her inside, where Dilsey sat beside a fire even though it was summervery old and mostly blind. If he cannot determine the exact relationship he should hold with the past, he can at least realize that the old South was not built on a firm moral basis.

The appendix then moves to Jason III, the father in the novel, who sat all day with his decanter of whiskey and read Greek and Roman literature. Has an almost animal-like "sixth sense" about people, as he was able to tell that Caddy had lost her virginity just from her smell.

He gets bogged down in the act of contemplation; he thinks too long upon a subject and cannot bring any of his acts to completion.

Apparently, Caddy understands what is wrong with Benjy here through intuition. He thinks sadly of the downfall and squalor of the South after the American Civil War. Enjoy and comment please. With this in mind, I propose to demonstrate how each of the Compson children correspond in nature to a different psychic function as delineated by Jung: Active Themes The list continues with the characters of the novel: He sees, hears, and smells the world around him without making logical judgments about it.

Any hope, however, that Mr. Faulkner has been praised for his ability to recreate the thought process of the human mind.

Perhaps due to a lack of love or attention from Mrs. New Essays on The Sound and the Fury. Quentin is obsessed with his sister and seems to have repressed sexual feelings towards her as he becomes very jealous and angry at any man with whom she becomes close.

The appendix now moves into the time period of the novel itself, offering some explanation and clarifying facts that were obscured in the text. Therefore, he investigates to see how much responsibility he feels toward the South and toward his own past.

In fact, whereas Freudian theory poses a tri-partite structure of the personality id, ego, and superegoJungian theory proposes a quaternary personality structure, with its description of the four functions of the psyche:The novel's oldest character is Damuddy, the mother of Caroline Compson and grandmother of Benjy, Caddy, Quentin, and Jason.

Although she (The entire section is 1, words.) You'll also get. Quentin Compson. The oldest of the Compson children, Quentin feels an inordinate burden of responsibility to live up to the family’s past greatness and prestige.

The Sound and the Fury Characters

He is a very intelligent and sensitive young man, but is paralyzed by his obsession with Caddy and his preoccupation with a very traditional Southern code of conduct and morality.

The Sound and the Fury is a novel written by the American author William employs a number of narrative styles, including stream of killarney10mile.comhed inThe Sound and the Fury was Faulkner's fourth novel, and was not immediately successful.

Inhowever, when Faulkner's sixth novel, Sanctuary, was published—a sensationalist story. The Sound and the Fury tells the story of the Compson family including Quentin, Jason, Benjy and Caddy, and addresses themes related to moral, personal, and social demise and religion, especially in its depiction of the castrated, mentally challenged Benjy.

Shortly after The Sound and the Fury was published, the noted critic Clifton Fadiman dismissed the novel, claiming that its themes were too “trivial” to deserve the elaborate craftsmanship Faulkner lavished on them.

Many other critics have countered that the novel’s themes extend beyond the story of the Compson family specifically, and. Character Analysis Quentin Compson Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List If an author uses a narrator to relate a major portion of the novel, then the reader must know something about his character.

An analysis of the character quentin compson in the sound and the fury a short story by the american
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