Battle of somme role of general

Battle of the Somme

That I had just taken part in a failure, that I had really done nothing to help win the war, these things were forgotten - if ever indeed they had entered my consciousness.

The barrage did not obliterate the Germans. It was later postponed another twenty-four hours. The first halting-place of the Flers-bound troops was a German switch-trench north-east of Ginchy, part of the so-called third line, which they reached at the time appointed.

Henry Rawlinson, 1st Baron Rawlinson

Although small gains were achieved, for example, the capture of Pozieres on 23rd July, they could not be successfully followed up. There could not be many enemy in the front line, I said.

It was the worst day in the history of British warfare. Concentrated machine gun fire from sufficient guns to command every inch of the wire, had done its terrible work.

He was only young but he was a very brave man. He said he certainly would not be alive now if he had not had the sense to take cover as soon as possible after going over the top, as he had done at Festubert. The men who say they believe in war should be hung.

The English command was particularly active and displayed the utmost celerity in getting the new armies ready for the field. Double and triple thickness wire was used and laid 3—5 feet 0.

The Battle of the Somme

The maintenance of the strength of the Sixth Army, at the expense of the Second Army on the Somme, indicated that Falkenhayn intended the counter-offensive against the British to be made north of the Somme front, once the British offensive had been shattered.

The British advanced about 1. Of 49 tanks available to support the infantry, only 36 reached their starting points, though these caused alarm among the German defenders. Morale in Britain was at an all-time low. Little can be done, except keep the sick rate down during the next three trying months.

The Battle of the Somme: 141 days of horror

The German offensive at Verdun was suspended in July, and troops, guns, and ammunition were transferred to Picardy, leading to a similar transfer of the French Tenth Army to the Somme front.

A night attack on 13th July did achieve a temporary breakthrough but German reinforcements arrived in time to close the gap. Dugouts and communication trenches cannot be constructed during a battle; after, it is too late, as the mud and rain prevent the carrying up of material.

The only result of these conflicts was the seizure of the ruins of the village of Pozieres by the English. Had all the guns, we were told, been placed on one continuous line, their wheels would have interlocked. It is no longer a question here of attempts to pierce as with a knife.The Battle of the Somme was one of the largest battles that occurred during World War I.

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It took place near the Somme River in France and lasted from July 1. Primary Documents - Official German Account of the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1st July saw the onset of the predominantly British-led Somme killarney10mile.comd as a means of relieving German pressure upon the French at Verdun, and viewed by British Commander-in-Chief Sir Douglas Haig as a means of achieving a breakthrough on the.

General Henry Seymour Rawlinson, 1st Baron Rawlinson, GCB, GCSI, GCVO, KCMG (20 February – 28 March ), known as Sir Henry Rawlinson, 2nd Baronet between andwas a British First World War general best known for his roles in the Battle of the Somme of and the Battle of Amiens in Main Article Primary Sources (1) After the war, Sir William Robertson, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, attempted to explain the strategy at the Battle of the Somme.

Remembering the dissatisfaction displayed by ministers at the end of because the operations had not come up to their expectations, the General Staff took the. The Battle of the Somme (1 July - 18 November ) was a joint operation between British and French forces intended to achieve a decisive victory over the Germans on the Western Front after 18 months of trench deadlock.

In DecemberAllied commanders had met to discuss strategies for the. The Battle of the Somme was one of the most famous battles that took place during World War One.

Germany had believed that a war with Russia was likely to occur and if that happened then they would also come into attack from France.

The French Army in the Battle of the Somme

In order to avoid attack from both sides Germany planned to attack.

Battle of somme role of general
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