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Expats see business boom in Mid East

Men outnumber women by around percent — a sobering prospect for the ambitious bachelor. His ultimate aim is to turn this into a career. Expats moving to Dubai will find themselves in a city that offers a great lifestyle with excellent healthcare facilities, exciting shopping and entertainment options and solid transport infrastructure.

How did you handle it? Job-seeker beware Take note: Image caption Duplays found that attracting money can be harder for expats The downturn saw the collapse of one business, while another failed, she says, after an arrangement with her local business partner did not work out.

Some companies discriminate against employees based on nationality or even withhold pay with few repercussions, said Zoe Cooper Clark, a communications firm founder who moved from the UK six years ago. But instead, she too chose Dubai. Are you an expat living in Dubai?

The innovators offering expats cheaper schools

Free trade zones are communities that are based right outside of the city and focus on specific industries and operate under more typical western conditions.

When possible, deal directly with building developers or managing companies who are more closely regulated by the government. If an expat has a business and it goes belly-up, then they can walk away, go back home or to another country. Many areas are still somewhat segregated by nationality, said Srinivasan, although that is slowly changing.

Middle East Business Report

Advertisement Alex Light, founder of the Bad Times Boot Camp, talks about the economic slowdown Either pack up and go home, as many have already done, or stick it out and look for another job.

Working While companies no longer advertise relocation bonuses in the tens of thousands of dollars as they did before the financial crisis ofthere are still plenty of openings for specialists in finance, aviation and engineering, said Sean Rutter, an Irish expatriate and managing director at KWR, an executive search firm based in Dubai.

As multinationals open Mideast hubs, some leave their best-practice human resources policies behind.

Schools may also charge extra for uniforms, examinations, extra-curricular activities and even books. What happens to the group if everyone finds work? So for travelling purposes it is the best place to live. Quality of life is excellent and as there is no income tax, your salary is what you get in your pocket at the end of the month.

Lose your job and you lose your visa. Especially those that got their fingers burned in Dubai this time round, they could take a lot of convincing". Mostly, however, families are looking towards more affordable schools.

Dubai: Desert oasis or mirage for expats?

But there is one thing they do have in common. A few years ago, sealing a job offer in Dubai would take just a few weeks, but now most employers take up to six months to hire a candidate, especially for a more senior role, said Rutter who works with senior executives and has been an expat in Dubai since People say it helps set them up for the day and then they go off, motivated to apply for jobs.

But being an "outsider" brings plenty of problems, Mr Bhusari says - not least, access to cash at a time when banks and investors are cautious about backing any small firms, never mind foreign-owned ones.

That is what these expats are doing. If you realise that your job is not a fit, moving to another company can be difficult. We are always looking for local "expat experts" to interview, contribute to our Dubai guide and to answer forum questions for people moving or planning to move to Dubai.

Still, the chance to work with a multicultural workforce and posh quality of life make the current hassles worthwhile, she added. Gaining confidence Back on the beach, the expats are turning to each other for support instead. In another progressive action, expats can both buy property and own land in Dubai, a legal right otherwise limited in most other parts of the Middle East, that certainly serves to entice international investment.

More are due to open in In response to the widespread layoffs, however, many employers have been sympathetic to their former staff. And in their colourful t-shirts, they are a diverse group. Skills shortages loom So, in a bid to stem that tide of departing expats, the UAE government says it is now considering a change in the law that would allow redundant expats to stay in the country for up to six months while they look for work.

No benefits When - or even if - things will get better is, of course, the million dollar question. Otherwise, I think most of them would still be in bed.Business Leaders in the Middle East have been meeting at the World Economic Forum in Jordan this week to discuss how to restore confidence in the regions’ financial institutions following the.

In another progressive action, expats can both buy property and own land in Dubai, a legal right otherwise limited in most other parts of the Middle East, that. Reporter, Middle East Business Report, BBC World, Dubai Bad Times Boot Camp gets unemployed people out of bed With sweat pouring down her face, Kate Shannon is first to cross the line.

Getting behind the issues of trade, business and economics, Middle East Business Report provides a window on finance and commerce in the Gulf, revealing how this important economic region works. The innovators offering expats cheaper schools Expat contracts now come with fewer bells and whistles, making educating expat kids more expensive than ever.

But some countries are tackling the. It's true - their government's don't care - if they did, then they would crack down on the employment agencies that they literally sell themselves to.

Bbc middle east business report dubai expats schools
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