Causes of the reign of terror essay

Executions had previously averaged around three Causes of the reign of terror essay day; after 22 Prairial this increased tenfold. The Law of 22 Prairial changed the procedures of the Tribunals so that accused persons were left almost defenceless.

This dispute could have been one of the main causes of the Reign of Terror breaking out. The Purifying Pot of the Jacobins, a visual depiction of the Law of Suspects Those who initiated the Terror saw it as a bitter but necessary medicine, a purge of reactionary elements so the revolution could survive and remain on course.

Robespierre was himself captured and executed in July ofthus ending the Terror. The Storming of Bastille was a violent period in which happened on July 14, where a mob of people marched to the Bastille, a large structure in which was previously an eight-towered castle, in search for prisoners and gun powder that had been taken by the unpopular King, Louis XVI.

A number of people living in France, including nobles, priests and the bourgeoisie fled the country during the French Revolution, abandoning the struggle the country was going through.

Some were clergymen, nobles, conspirators and defenders of the old regime — but the majority were members of the Third Estate. During this period the Revolutionary Tribunals abandoned many of their procedures and the daily rate of executions increased tenfold.

Sutherland, historian Once started, the Reign of Terror developed its own momentum and became almost impossible to stop. They were now to funnel unfortunate individuals, accused of the vaguest of crimes and convicted simply by administrative fiat, to a tribunal that could only acquit or punish with death… It is a commentary on the pervasive atmosphere of black suspicion that this law was seen as a solution.

During this time around 50, French citizens were executed. The mentality of violence had built up gradually from the very beginning of the revolution, not particularly when the Reign of Terror supposedly begun in ; the strong violence and destruction progressively increasing and the death toll reaching to new heights in this time period.

Little new policy was needed to initiate a policy of terror. Suspects were tried, sentenced and executed in groups, often dozens at a time. The period between June 10th and the fall of Robespierre on July 27th became known as the Great Terror. Their bloodshed result of power and recognition in the nation caused the bourgeoisie and former Jacobins to prompt propaganda against them, aiming to destroy the monarchy.

The Convention formed the Committee of Public Safety to On June 22,armed sans-culottes gathered and surrounded the National Convention halls and demanded the arrest of the Girondin party, resulting in the immediate arrest of 29 Girondin members.

This shows that before the Reign of Terror strong violence was already occurring and was a large part of the nation.

They wanted to keep Paris as the national capital city and to have the temporary government of the time to take control of the economy as a whole.

During this time all of the people of Vendee loyally stood by the Church and the Catholic monarchy of France and could clearly be distinguished wearing Rosaries around their necks at all times and the symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus sewn onto their hats.

Inlegislation against the emigres was passed by the King stating that anyone caught emigrating would be punished with a death sentence, namely the guillotine. This was particularly true after the Law of 22 Prairial, authored by Georges Couthon. Crowds at executions began to dwindle, though it is unclear whether Parisians had become opposed to the Terror or just indifferent to guillotinings.

The Reign of Terror was the most violent phase of the French Revolution, a year-long period between the summers of and Due to the politics of the time period, France was inevitably drawn to War with Austria and its allies, including Prussia, declaring War against them on 20 April To reference this page, use the following citation:The reign of terror spurred out from aberration politics which was considered as the radical shift from established morals.

A representation of the guillotine in use during the Reign of Terror. Stories and images of the Reign of Terror dominate our perceptions of the French Revolution. Free Essay: The reign of terror was a period of violence in which occurred from after the strong onset of the French Revolution.

It was a time of.

Free Essay: The Reign of Terror was a time during the French Revolution hundreds of thousands of people were executed by various means: guillotine, shot, and. Essay Causes of the Reign of Terror. The reign of terror was a period of violence in which occurred from after the strong onset of the French Revolution.

The National Convention of France was a great factor in encouraging the start of the Reign of Terror; they continued on to have dictatorial power for three years (during and after the Reign).[Footnote] The Convention was composed of revolutionaries including: Maximilien Robespierre (leader), George Danton, Jean-Paul Marat, and about .

Causes of the reign of terror essay
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