Crimes that shook australia peter dupas

One body contained a strange wound inflicted with a knife to the area of the thigh. Dupas claimed the scratches had occurred when he was working in his backyard shed and a piece of wood hit him while using a lathe ; Dupas did not own a lathe, however.

Upon hearing music from a radio and discovering the front door unlocked, she entered the house and found the body of Patterson severely mutilated. On 22 Aprilpolice arrested Dupas at midday at the Excelsior Hotel in Thomastown and charged him with the murder of Patterson later the same day.

The location of the murder of McMahon was nearby to the location where Dupas had earlier raped a year-old woman at a beach in Blairgowrie, for which he was convicted and served a term of imprisonment.

He later told police: The denial technique makes for huge difficulty in treatment. I agreed to marry Dupasnot out of particular love for this man but from a sense of responsibility to helping him become a useful member of the community.

Cole had earlier claimed he shot a dingo he suspected had killed two-month-old Azaria Chamberlain who went missing at an Uluru camping ground on 17 August I was certainly left in no doubt that Dupas murdered Mersina.

At a fundamental level, as human beings, you present for us the awful, threatening and unanswerable question: Mersina herself would later be laid to rest in the Cheltenham Crimes that shook australia peter dupas Park, Melbourne where her grieving parents regularly attend her grave.

Police investigations revealed Dupas had telephoned the nursing home some time before the murder. All those circumstances combine, in my view, not only to justify, but also to require that I do not fix a minimum term.

Patterson had desired to operate her own private practice and was using her Northcote home as an office. On 10 Septemberlawyers for Dupas submitted an appeal on the basis the verdict of guilty for the murder of Halvagis was unsafe and unsatisfactory.

On 28 FebruaryDupas received a five-year minimum prison sentence for three charges of assault with intent to rape, malicious wounding, assault with intent to rob, and indecent assault. He further said police had relied upon their beliefs that Dupas had a propensity to attack women using knives, thereby linking him to the crime.

His release on parole was a mistake. In my mind, our relationship was mother and son. I intend to investigate how that can best be done". Even if there were, any considerations of rehabilitation must, in this case, be subordinated to the gravity of your offending, the need for the imposition of a just punishment, and the principle of general deterrence.

Allen Bartholomew noted Dupas was in constant denial of his criminal activitynoting at the time: As such the present offence must be characterised as being in one of the most serious categories of murders which come before this Court.

Police believe Dupas was involved in the break-in as the wounds inflicted matched that of a later murder victim, Nicole Patterson. This was over months and months that he was talking to me and confiding in me.

With Dupas in custody, police were able to obtain a DNA sample, linking him to the murder of Maher. How did you come to be as you are? Senior Detective Scarlett told the inquest a car known to be used by Dupas at the time of the murder was sold to a work associate in the month following the murder of Halvagis.

I once found a homemade knife and called Dupas over to show it to him. He has attempted suicide several times while imprisoned. The pair married in inside Castlemaine Gaol. You have repeatedly violated a central norm of a decent civilised society.

I only wanted to live a normal life. Thus, his offences become quite repetitive. Prison staff describe him as a model prisoner while in custody and "a monster" whenever released.

Crimes That Shook Australia

He remains an extremely disturbed, immature, and dangerous man. He later changed his story to the effect that the injuries were sustained while working in the shed and walking by a protruding piece of wood. Your conduct in the present case is without mitigation or palliation.

Over the course of the next six weeks, Dupas made calls to Patterson in an attempt to establish her vulnerability.Crimes That Shook Australia is an Australian true crime series that premiered on Crime + Investigation in April Stan Grant presented the first two series; Matt Doran was announced as the new presenter in February Tonight’s pick: Crimes That Shook Australia – CI Network, pm AEST Martin Bryant.

Peter Dupas. Jason Downie. Katherine Knight. Derek Percy. These are Australia’s worst of the worst.

Peter Dupas

Tonight Stan Grant begins a journey into our nation’s most terrible moments in a major new Foxtel production Crimes That Shook Australia.

Crimes That Shook Australia Season 3 Through gripping, exclusive interviews, drama reconstructions and archive, we reveal the true stories behind the. Watch video · Watch Crimes That Shook Australia Season 1 Episode 3 - Peter Dupas by ChannelHub on Dailymotion here. Nov 01,  · Crimes that Shook Australia succumbs to all of these pitfalls.

Aaccuracy is shoved to one side in favour of giving vapid host Stan Grant a celebrity link man pay check, dramatizations are terribly cast, important details are glossed over and in the case of recidivist crimes (like Peter Dupas) there is no mention on the system failing society /10(28).

Crimes That Shook Australia Season Episode 03 is ready for streaming Title: Season 1, Episode 3 - Peter Dupas. Watch it Now!

Crimes that shook australia peter dupas
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