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Treating everyone equally and teaching them the injustice of what had happened because of the war over race ultimately inspired the boys and the nation to achieve justice for everyone on earth. Related This entry was posted on March 15, at They eventually grew into, what is described by Wilmot and Hocker as, a coalition pg Slowly this bias is overcome as significant characters change their perspective regarding their teammates of different colour.

Gerry tries to acknowledge Julius by joking around. Their friendship was so secure and they were so pleased that they had learned to overcome the racial issues and spent the time to get to know each other.

We are all human and all the same, no matter what we look like. The coaching styles improved the players motivational skills there self fulfillment to work together and set an example to be treated equally, which made the coaches and players of different races share the same goals and perception of the injustice of the peoples mistreatment because of race.

There was nothing that I did not like. It is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. In the locker scene, Blue Stanton shows acceptance of Gerry by Critical response film remember titans "yo mama" jokes. Hire Writer As they matured as adults and closer they became, the more they forgot about their differences and the more they defended their friendship.

Through his use of an amalgamation of film techniques, director Boaz Yakin successfully conveys to the audience that overcoming adversity may be difficult, but the end result is worthwhile.

Their story is very uplifting and although bad things happened, they came together not just as a team, but as friends. They understood each other and created a bond that would never be broken. The town started accepting everyone for who they are and the titans where treated very well by the community for giving them belief and a sense of pride where justice could be achieved for everyone.

It is a movie and story that will live on and show people how stupid racism is and why it needs to stop. This showed that even though Gary had his tragic accident he achieved hiss goal with his teammates of winning the final and teaching the community to respect everyone no matter what there race.

They had developed such a bond that they did not intend to harm the other. Their dislikes turned into likes and their unusual conversation turned into intimate conversation. That is why I say Gerry and Julius maintained a healthy sense of camaraderie. As examples of the white policeman acknowledging and congratulating a black titans efforts goes to prove that justice was being achieved on our earth.

Their friendship evolved into healthy, yet competitive, camaraderie. When Julius and Louis Lastik join in, however, his facial expression shows a slow realisation and he even starts smiling. By observing the friendship emerging between Gerry and Julius other people began to realize that having friends of a different race was not wrong.

I believe it is realistic that a sports team could make a dramatic difference in the face relations of the town. In one circumstance Coach Boone had been called a monkey but as the team was well disciplined and respectful of everyone this only inspired everyone in the titans to work harder for each other which resulted in a win not only for the game but for the team to change another persons perspective on racism and achieve the justice they deserved.

This is clearly shown in the football practise and locker scenes.

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If something went wrong they would blame each other, or disagree, and always end up fighting and usually about different things.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. It is because the Titans actually did that. On camp they would spend days together but neither of them made an effort to get along.

In his film, Yakin adeptly conveys the difficult journey of overcoming adversity through an amalgamation of film techniques, creating emotive feelings in the audience for the situations faced by the characters in the film.

However, it was sad that he was killed by a drunk driver, way before his time. Their hatred and disregard for the other due to race changed throughout the movie.

In the practise scene, the change in perspective by the protagonists Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell is successfully conveyed by Yakin. Some people do not believe that things like that are realistic, but obviously, stories like this are true.

At first they had very little but over time they were able to grow together. They would turn out to be great friends and role models for their team and the community. Many times you see a movie about sports that talks about a fictional school, with a fictional story, with a fictional, well, everything.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Initially in the film, Yakin presents the majority of the characters as prejudiced. When the injustice of Coach Yoasts hall of fame removal and the tragic accident of captain Garys car crash It showed in the final game they would win a come from behind victory and Coach Yoast would ultimately not resort to cheating and instead achieve his justice by helping his black partner Coach Boone achieve their goal togeather rather than resort to backstabbing and cheating to improve his own reputation and achieve justice on earth for himself and Coach Boon.

When Gerry and Julius considered themselves brothers they realized how much they meant to each other and they were so honored and proud to be a true friend to each other. They were too determined to let their teammates hold them back."Remember The Titans" is a film text, centered by the issue of the injustice of a persons race and how it is triumphantly overcome.

It is an uplifting story how an American town, Alexandria, conquered overwhelming resentment, friction and disharmony brought on by racial discrimination and mistrust. Sep 29,  · "Remember the Titans" is a parable about racial harmony, yoked to the formula of a sports movie.

Victories over racism and victories over opposing teams alternate so quickly that sometimes we're not sure if we're cheering for tolerance or touchdowns.

Race Conflict in “Remember the Titans” Essay

Real life is never this simple, but then that's what the movies are for--to 3/5. A collection of english critical responses showcasing Elizabeth Gaskell's Realist novel "North and South", a genre study, an analysis of Robert Gray's poetry, an essay on Tim Winton's short stories, Boaz Yakin's film "Remember The Titans" and a comp.

Remember the Titans is a good film, but one that should really have stood considering the subject the film displays.

If this wasn't released by Disney, then maybe a much better movie would have 73%. Critical Response to the film "Remember the Titans".

the integration of the major local High school; T.C. Williams. The integration lead to the demotion of a much loved and highly successful head coach of the school state football team by the name of Bill Yoast, the job's new occupancy went to an African-American by the name of Coach Boone.

"Remember The Titans" is a film text, centered by the issue of the injustice of a person’s race and how it is triumphantly overcome. It is an uplifting story how an American town, Alexandria, conquered overwhelming resentment, friction and disharm 4/5(2).

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