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A standard feature of all research that is done at colleges and universities across the country is to train researchers to protect the people that participate in their research. What were the major theoretical concepts in the text?

Students must pass this examination to pass English For example, I may select books that illustrate the worldview presented by individuals that have been in contact with the criminal justice system; then one by legal scholars or federal prosecutors; and a third that illustrates tensions within the day-to-day workplace dynamics among law enforcement officers.

Course materials examine contemporary crime-related issues that affect urban communities within a historical and sociological context.

The campus is a two-minute walk from bus and subway lines serving the Downtown Brooklyn area. These examinations are graded by the English faculty. Cuny writing assessment test bmcc academic calendar course highlights the intersections of deviant behavior and the criminal justice system within the structures of class, race, gender, and power inequalities.

Students have 90 minutes to complete the exam. Independent research opportunities support your individual interests. It consists of a reading passage the text and writing instructions. One of the advantages of teaching an interdisciplinary course such as CJUE is that the instructor has the opportunity to embrace a variety of scholarly and pedagogical angles.

This step-by-step approach helps demystify the writing process, presenting it as the sum of various elements in the paper in this case: The Residence Hall is your home away from home.

Final grades may be determined as follows: This can include reading reports, classic scholarly articles, newspaper articles, and academic books. When students submit their final papers, I asked them to write a cover letter explaining how they integrated the suggestions proposed by the peer reviewer.

Please write one or two PARAGRAPHS addressing your reactions and thoughts about the readings and assignments that are due for that class, discussing the major conceptual points and your opinions on the material, the author, or any other focus you want to write about.

Writing the Background to Your Neighborhood: Each survey consists of about 35 questions. CJUE satisfies the U. For example, if you interview the captain of your local police precinct, it would be virtually impossible to disguise his or her identity.

Students from more than countries have found their way to Brooklyn College. B Term Research Paper: I provide a rubric that asks peer reviewers to evaluate content thesis, arguments, conclusionsas well as form writing structure, grammar, syntax, citation style, etc.

I like to present various perspectives on the same overarching theme. To develop an overall understanding of the current state of problems and solutions regarding crime in urban settings. There is ample flexibility when selecting materials for this course.

It was the sixth victory for City Tech teams in the last twelve years. Of course, there are exceptions. As a high-stakes assignment, the research paper is best broken down into various elements, or a scaffolded paper.


Take the next step and schedule a tour, come visit us, and learn about the application process. You will conduct 3 in-depth interviews, using the template provided on Dropbox, with people in your neighborhood regarding changes in crime and drug use over the last several years.

To answer this question and write the paper, you will 1 collect background data about your neighborhood, and 2 combine it with original data that you will collect over the semester that is described in more detail below. Collecting the Survey Data: How students can access disability services at their CUNY college.

Is there anything missing from the reading? This course takes a critical approach to the study of crime and justice in urban settings. English Elective Final Exam This exam is a two-hour essay exam taken at the end of an English elective course and demonstrates that a student has mastered higher-level college writing skills.

There are semesters when I give the course content a heavier focus on juvenile delinquency in urban centers, for example; in others, I focus more on problems related to policing such as reactive versus preventive approaches to policing.

For low-stakes assignments I recommend weekly responses to the class Blackboard discussion board, either prompted by guiding questions presented by the professor or unstructured. Brooklyn College welcomes undergraduate and graduate students, transfer and international students, and adults who are returning to college to continue their intellectual studies.

Prospective Students

The paper does not ask you to solicit the opinions of criminals, drug dealers, drug users, or strangers off the street, but rather people you know in your neighborhood who have an opinion about crime and drugs and are willing to share those opinions with you.

You will also administer an anonymous survey to 10 people in your neighborhood. See what your future holds at City Tech.Academic Calendar; Assessment and Care Team (ACT) Blackboard; Bursar; CUNY Alert; CUNY Portal; CUNYfirst Portal; Center for Academic Writing Success ; Computer Lab; Tutorial & Academic Support Center; Math Workshop; WAC; > CUNY-Schedule of Classes.

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Criminal Justice in the Urban Environment

The CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW) is: A standardized writing test that measures your ability to do college-level writing in English and assess your readiness for introductory college courses minutes written essay.

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Cuny writing assessment test bmcc academic calendar
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