Describe crowded bus on weekday

Maria Belen Power, associate director of the Chelsea advocacy group GreenRoots, said riders deserve some relief. Saurabh Datar Video production and editing: But every now and then, they would suddenly raise their volumes for a few seconds, as if jerked into showing enthusiasm.

Frustrated activists are pressing the T for discounts for the during the bridge delays. To top it all, loud, deafening music was blaring from the portable radio in the front whose sounds and music sounded distorted as the signal was lost at regular intervals.

Francis Mintah is one who has made the switch, and says the direct connection to the Red Line at South Station has shaved at least 20 minutes from his commute between Chelsea and Cambridge. Hot, numerous bodies and the low roof of the bus literally cocooned me from all sides making me feel claustrophobic.

The trips are dropped without notice to riders, whose numbers build up as they wait for the next bus to come along, making those rides all the more crowded.

Still, it made no difference to some of the passengers who were singing along with it in gusto and the others who were humming half heartedly as if forced to do so. Taylor de Lench and Anush Elbakyan Audience engagement: This made everyone topple to one side one on top of the other.

One partial solution will come with the rebuilding of the North Washington Street Bridgescheduled to begin this fall.

A new fare-collection system coming by should also speed boarding and help reduce delays. Under the new system, buses will no longer accept on-board cash payments, and electronic payments will allow passengers to board at either the front or rear door. The T is planning to hire 55 additional bus drivers, five of whom will be dedicated to the It was a taste of the odour of the stale vomit and the salty one of perspiration which now soaked my clothes as fast as ink would blot paper.

I was unable to move my throbbing head for fear of my long nose colliding with the heads, faces and backs of the passengers clustered around me and being smashed to pieces. Already, the T plans to increase the number of trips this fall, including on nights and weekends. Therefore, all I could see were the sweaty, greasy hair on the heads of the passengers straight ahead of me and some blank eyes of others who were staring unblinkingly at something behind me.

Yet, noone found this disturbing and overwhelming but rather as if it was normal. Occasionally though, I glimpsed a few scattered trees devoid of leaves from the windshield through he narrow gaps that formed between the heads every time the bus turned corners or tilted to one side- which it did very often.

Fewer cancellations should relieve congestion inside the buses: Instead, the T recommends that riders use the commuter rail, which stops in Chelsea.Feb 27,  · Typical crowding situation on during weekday peak hours and weekends.

An old man unwilling to wait another 20 minutes for another equally packed bus decided to cooperate with the bus captain. With the first weekday commute under the newly redesigned Staten Island express bus network upon us, we're looking to our readers to provide feedback on how the new system is performing early on.

This is what it’s like to take a weekday bus ride to Haymarket, starting from Chelsea at a.m. By the time the bus reaches Washington Avenue and Heard Street, only a few open seats remain. Passengers on the endure these crowded conditions all the way to Haymarket.

Idiom or word for a very crowded place.

Squish city: TransLink’s 10 busiest and most crowded routes and stations

@2er0, nope - I live in the U.S., and we say "the bus was packed" all the time. It's a very common phrase. and a literal translation of that — “black with people” — is used in Irish English to describe a crowded space.

The live blog has concluded. The first weekday morning commute of the new MTA express bus network on Staten Island is in the books.

Reviews were mixed regarding the new network, with some claiming. As a part of the review, the transportation agency has broken down the top 10 most-used SkyTrain stations and bus routes, 10 most-crowded bus routes and 10 bus routes with the biggest growth.

Describe crowded bus on weekday
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