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High school typically begins at grade 9 or 10, with middle or junior high schools usually covering the intervening years between elementary school and high school.

After finishing kindergarten the pupils progress to elementary school. Another difference between the two compared systems is the accessibility of higher education to foreigners. After elementary school the German school system differs enormously from the American education.

The children start getting into basic mathematics and are confronted with a little bit of science.

A comparison: The German and American Educational System

In the United States Kindergarten is usually a half day activity for kids who are at the age of six or seven. After that, school is compulsory for nine or ten years.

American Schools vs. German Schools

Meanwhile, the advanced technical colleges, cover the scientific and social subjects and have a strong emphasis on practical work and application. Degrees obtained The graduate degrees from universities are accepted and estimated worldwide. In contrast to Germany teachers can be hired or fired at any time except for professors of higher education who earn tuition after having shown an overall good record for a couple of years.

Each state has its own specific standards and guidelines. Similar to the American elementary school Grundschule consists of four years.

One of the main problems of US High School education is whether it should provide vocational or general education. US degrees are automatically granted if the student has passed a sufficient number of classes without always having to surpass an examination. Pupils at secondary level II the last two years at the Gymnasium select two or three Leistungskurse specialist subjects.

Gymnasiums normally offer further subjects starting at 11th grade, with some schools offering a fourth foreign language. At this level of education children are rather to mature socially than academically. At every type of school, pupils study one foreign language in most cases English for at least five years.

Those special areas were banned in the states of BerlinHessen and HamburgBrandenburg at the beginning of the school year. In some schools for example in my former elementary public school you can find a bilingual education in Spanish speaking children and to have them keep up with English speaking population.Free Essay: Reforms of the German education system: The abolition of the divided secondary school system and a prolonged integrated primary school In Germany.

The German School System Essays: OverThe German School System Essays, The German School System Term Papers, The German School System Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research. James Plett English EU 10 March, German school system VS. English school system As we grow up, school seems to be so ordinary that we do not take the time to realize how different our schooling is compared to other countries.

American Schools vs. German Schools. The German public transportation system makes it safe and easy for everyone, even children, to get around, so German students will often meet up with friends for homework sessions, or to enjoy coffee or shopping after school.

The German and American school systems both have their pros and cons, and. German Education System. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. Though well-known for its world class education and top ranking universities, the educational system of Germany is experiencing continuous changes and reforms.

Among other reforms undertaken in the last years was also the reorganization of the Gymnasium. The nine year long education. Overview over German school system. In Germany, education is the responsibility of the states Exams (which are always supervised) are usually essay based, rather than multiple choice.

The German School System

As of 11th grade, exams usually consist of no more than three separate exercises. Also in German; Vocational education in Germany.

Essay about german school system
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