Essay about need for christian spirituality

When the term is used, specifically in the Christian faith, it belongs primarily to the care of souls as exercised in spiritual direction or Retreat ministry. Whereas mainline religion strongly emphasizes autonomy, separation, superiority of magisterial truth, and difference from all that does not belong to a particular faith-system, Spirituality seeks out connections, commonalities, and relationships capable of empowering person and planet alike.

And within the ranks of those with a special vocation, the priest was special; only the priest could serve as a spiritual director, the one considered best acquainted with the care of souls.

Prior to that time, Christians focused on the spiritual life, which basically meant how best to live out our religious faith in daily existence. Formal religions tend to be based on patriarchal and hierarchical structures; spirituality adopts relational networking, within which individual autonomy is strongly cherished.

First, Christian spirituality is biblically defined as the practice of the beliefs of the Christian faith. Suffering for its own sake was deemed to be central to spiritual advancement. Transcending earthly preoccupations temptations was the primary means to attain spiritual growth; this was to be done through prayer and penance, and was normally considered to be either impossible or inappropriate for lay people.

The embodied dignity of all other organic creatures is also affirmed. Eco-feminism seeks to re-integrate the abused female body with that of the often abused earth. According to Aristotle, humans need to be rescued from their enmeshment in nature — which today we tend to describe as a convivial relationship with the natural world see Abram; Christie Such rituals are certainly understood as a dimension of holiness, but do not distinguish between sacred and secular.

The criticism leads to exhortation: The latter deserves a far more nuanced view and a much more thorough investigation, not merely with the tools of standard research but by researchers with a more discerning eye and an open heart for the surprise, creativity, and unpredictability that characterize the operations of Holy Wisdom in every generation.

Hence, the appeal for many spiritual seekers today of the new physics, the new cosmology, and creation spirituality. Devotees of other religions were deemed to be outside the Church and therefore beyond salvation.

For if these qualities are yours and are increasing, they keep you from being ineffective or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ" 2 Peter 1: Penance entailed fasting, various forms of bodily deprivation, occasionally flagellation.

Despite such developments, for much of the 20th century spirituality still referred to the spiritual life as described above.

Who in the modern world is exploring their relevance, meaning or integration? It is paralleled in the wider contemporary culture by various movements to engage intelligence and imagination in more collaborative ways, as in new methods of social research http: Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community.

Firstly, the history of theology seems to have had long held reservations about the diminished role of the Spirit, playing second-fiddle to Father and Son; the new spirituality wants to address this imbalance, seeking a much more exalted role for the Spirit.

In conventional Christian theology, God the Father comes first, as creator and sustainer of all that exists. For more on the above named features — and others — one can check a range of scholarly analyses.

The proposed remedy was to set the human particularly the male as superior to everything in the natural world, with the anthropocentric right to control and govern.

Rarely is the word used in a social, ecclesial context. This new ecologically based spiritual immersion is elaborately described by Douglas Christie17, Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling written by Mark R.

McMinn teaches Christian counselors the importance of Spir. My Spiritual Autobiography essaysGod allowed me to be born into the ideal Christian home. My parents took us to church three times a week, had family devotionals, prayed before every meal, and set impeccable examples for us four children to observe and follow.

They taught us about God, and through t. A Look At Aboriginal Spirituality Religion Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: There is a strong need for reconciliation between Aboriginal spirituality and Christians due to the initial contact between the two; full of racism, classism, oppression, inequality, injustice, hate, fear and division.

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Take a. Spirituality, as defined in this article entitled Role of Spirituality in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease, is the capacity to rise above life experiences, to celebrate life, and to experience joy.

Spirituality is comprised of acceptance, the need for love, mercifulness, and self-fulfillment and it applies to all mankind; on the other hand. Free spirituality papers, essays, and research papers.

My Account. Your - Response to Emotionally Healthy Spirituality I have lived among Christians my whole life. Teapc Road, P. O. Mcleadgani, Hemachal Pradesh, India, is the top spiritual leader.

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It is intended in the latter part of the paper to expound in a Christian approach the impressions and attitudes in relation to the concept of Miller.

This is where we get the strength and inspiration that we need to continue.

Essay about need for christian spirituality
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