Essay about raising the driving age to 18

A confident driver is a way better driver than someone who is confused and scared. Fatal and non-fatal crashes per mile driven for year-old drivers is almost 10 times the rate for drivers ages 30 to New Jersey considered making the time period longer that a young driver has a permit, from 6 to 12 months, which would probably help too.

They will be more careful when they drive, which make them confident and safe drivers. Even though teens show maturity, but that is not enough for a good driver, experience is the only key to safe driving.

The brain does not fully develop until In fact 41 percent of parents pay for all of the costs associated with their child driving, and 32 percent of parents will share costs with their child. For all those reasons, I think the legal driving age should be raised to 18 from It is shown in researches that it would lower fatalities if the age to get your license was raised to 18 or at least if the age was higher.

Yet somehow most states are willing to put them in charge of a car, which could potentially be a deadly weapon. They are willing to deal with the consequences of what they did. Researchers have discovered that only 1 in 6 teens fully pay all the costs that have to deal with them driving.

So the physiological development of a year-old is immature compared to an year-old. Insurance would be cheaper at the age of eighteen. There has been a lot of discussion in the government to change the law for the driving age from 16 to 18 for a long time in New Jersey.

One important reason for raising the driving age to the 18 is insurance. However, bad teenage driving has recently resulted in many tragic deaths; most 16 and 17 years drivers are not mature enough to take decision on the road.

These teens need to step up and take some responsibility if they really want to drive at that young of an age. It also has shown that there are other ways to cut down on fatalities but this seems to be the best way to get there.

All in all, It is required to raise driving age from 16 to Just because of those laws, many extraordinary and good things will happen: Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Well yes as all teenagers would say. One shocking thing I have found is that it is not only because of their teenage age, but that they are inexperienced drivers. More than 5, teens die a year in the United States and more than 3, of them were not wearing their seatbelt in the process.

More essays like this: Meanwhile, we can reduces accident rates and make better statistics that we have today about teens driving. Not many teenagers pay for their own vehicles or gas.

It can fix many issues about poor teen drivers. The top cause of death for teenagers is vehicle, car accidents.

Raising the Driving Age to 18 Essay Sample

In this country, by law, people become adults at the age of With the economic problems already in the United States today, that obviously does not help at all. The classes need to be more strict driving safety. Everyone counts on getting their sweet 16 car and license, but is that really the important part?A huge debate about raising the age for driving is the fact that more 16 year old drivers crash and die than 21 year old drivers.

16 year old drivers crash mostly because of inexperience. If the driving age is raised then 21 year olds.

Raising Driving Age to 18 Essay Sample

One main reason, you should change the driving age to eighteen is that eighteen years olds will be more responsible, mature, and educated when driving on the roads.

For example, eighteen years old do get into more than their fair share of wrecks. By raising the legal driving age to 18 can help achieve all goals.

In this country, by law, people become adults at the age of They are more responsible with themselves, and are more curious with their actions.

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1 page. Essay Writing Blog. LEGALLY RAISING THE DRIVING AGE IN THE UNITED STATES TO 18 1 Legally Raising the Driving Age in the United States to 18 and Reducing the Teenage Driving Fatalities and Accidents LEGALLY RAISING THE DRIVING AGE IN THE UNITED STATES TO 18 2 Abstract This paper explains the reasoning of increasing the legal.

Essay. SHOULD DRIVING LICENSE BE RAISED TO 21? The legal age to obtain driving license is 17 years. Everybody endeavor to obtain driving license at this period life will be better to raise driving age because young drivers are the main cause of road deaths.

In addition, if driving age is 21, number of deaths will decrease and roads become safer.

Essay about raising the driving age to 18
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