Explain how own practice can affect

In this way one can gain trust and love of a child; if the child is comfortable and secure in their environment this will affect their development in a positive manner.

Personal values, belief and attitudes

Attitudes are therefore a powerful element in our life, are long enduring and hard to change—but not impossible! Language What is my first language?

It is important that you develop an awareness of what you value, as these values will be important in informing your relationships with clients, co—workers and employers.

As previously defined an attitude is simply a belief, and describes what we think is the proper way of doing or thinking about something. What did this activity tell you about your values?

Reflect on your answers about where your values have come from. Page 90 2Class Work Sheet In conclusion, the points identified in this essay reiterate how our own working practice can affect children and young people.

Remember they are your values and may be quite different to the values held by your clients. These factors are essential in the development of healthy and positive child; and it is important that a practitioner take care in ensuring that they provide the child with both a stable environment and an attitude that will aid the children in boosting their confidence and moral.

It is not always easy to avoid communicating your beliefs and values to clients, but it is something you need to be very aware of. It is important to be conscious of our values.

Explain how own working practice can affect children and young people’s development

For example we may feel strongly that older people should give up their jobs when they reach a certain age, so that younger people can get work. Children working in a family owned business? Dominant values Dominant values are those that are widely shared amongst a group, community or culture.

Religion What is my religion? To help with behaviour my setting follows the same routines everyday. Are most people in my community from this religion? Lack of communication may cause barriers in the development of the child and cause lack of understanding between those who may otherwise be able to help the child.

This is inevitable because we are, whether we like it or not, models for our clients and we have a responsibility to be good models. If we do not promote and encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle, it could results in the children having poorly developed immune system which in turn would cause them to be ill and have days off school which would affect their development.

What is important here is your ability to be able to identify the values that are important to you. How does my religion influence my life?

The policies and procedures are updated on a regular basis. Impact of values and philosophies on service provision The way that the above values and philosophies are acted upon in services affects the quality of the service provided to clients.

There are no right or wrong answers, so when completing this activity try to be as honest as you can. The teacher plans for the different abilities of the children, planning can also change as the week progresses and the teacher discusses any changes she has made with me. Supporting positive behaviour Related posts: Wherever our values come from they make us the unique person we are today!

Observations and assessments Observations and assessments can help the teacher plan activities that take into account the individual needs of the children.

Carrying out effective observations which allow us to assess the development of children in order to improve or implement adequate plans for the needs of the children. The influence of attitudes Our attitudes develop over time and not only reflect where we have come from i.

Who should decide what language people should speak? In the end Harry decided to go and see a comedy. Rate your feeling according to the fact they work together: Every practitioner needs to adapt ideal model behaviour, as many theorists believe that children imitate adults.Assignment Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings Task A Short answer questions Ai Explain in your own words what each term means.

Give one example from care practice to illustrate your explanations. Diversity Firstly looking at Diversity which. An Explanation of How Your Own Working Practice Can Affect Children Development.

Submitted by: akinder; Views: I can give them an example to follow and affect their development in the good way. All nannies’s working with children and young people have an absolute duty to safeguard and protect children/young people from harm and this mean.

- explain how own working practice can afect children and young people's developmentfor example if you are feeling down and not your using cheery self when working with children, they are able.

Explain how own working practice can affect children and young people’s development. The parents/carers know the children best it may be there is a problem or it may be that a child learns something at home that is relevant to their development for example tying their shoes, riding their bike or writing their name - Explain how own working practice can affect children and young people’s.

Explain how own working practice can affect children and young people’s development (CYP ) Introduction: As a practitioner it’s your duty to observe and maintain correct procedures to ensure that the children are offered a stimulating environment which will.

Explain the features of an environment or service that promotes the development of children and young people. Explain how own working practice can affect children and .

Explain how own practice can affect
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