Favorite time of the day

Whenh the sun rises early in the morning, mid-morning, early-afternoon, mid-afternoon, late-afternoon, early evening, late evening, when the sun sets, after the sun sets Energy Profiling Personal Growth What is your favorite time of day? In the course, pay close attention to the way each Energy Type is expressed in nature.

I am thankful I at least have that great memory of when I was young. The rising of the sun represents a new day, a new beginning, and a fresh start on life.

What is your favorite time of day/night? And why?

At that time I wonder what Moz is doing At dusk, the sky is very soft, and the lighting is blended. Dusk — The subtle and muted time of day — Energy Type 2 Dusk is connected to Type 2 energy, which is soft, soothing, and fluid. During the late night or early morning, the world is quiet with a stillness in the air.

The light forms angular shapes, and the horizon appears to be very textured. Sunrise — The light and cheerful time of day — Energy Type 1 Sunrise reflects Type 1 energy, which is animated, upward, and radiant.

The sun is a symbol of awakening and brightness.

What Your Favorite Time of Day Says About You

I wish that the special moment could have still continued onto today Just like a Type 2 person, the energy of dusk brings a feeling of calmness to everyone. I know only few that can understand what I feel at that moment of the evening, one who i have to about it on here, and also one of my friends.

They can enjoy the solitude while everyone else sleeps. As the sun is setting, the sky grows rich in dramatic color. The four Energy Types are expressed everywhere in the natural world.

And then think about how thankful I have him in my life, like we all are. Amoung the rest I would rather not remember We thought you might like these posts: And then I think about how thankful i am to just be alive in general.What is your favorite time of day?

There are usually four answers to this question—did you know that’s because there are 4 different Types of people who each prefer a certain time of day?


If you’ve never considered that before, I invite you to discover even more about your true nature by learning about the 4 Energy Types. Favorite Animal Quiz Question 19 out of 29 What is your favorite time of day?

Morning Afternoon Evening Midnight. You may also like Favorite Animal Quiz.

My Favorite Time of Day

There are up to 50 million animals in the world. Can we guess which one's your favorite? We just might!. Sunsets are special because whether you're by yourself or with some friends, you still can appreciate the beauty of it.

Next time the sun sets, take a minute and just watch as the sun goes down after a long day and forget anything that was bothering you, even if it is just for a few moments. As a writer, I have favorite times of day when I like to work on stories. The best time for writing is in the morning or right before I go to sleep.

At these times, my mind flows with new ideas, untainted by thoughts of daily activities or class assignments. And the whirlwind slows down. I soak up the end of the day, the quiet house, the time with David snuggled on the couch and yes, last night the Bachelorette too, which makes up for my favorite non-Mom time of day.

Bevor Sie fortfahren...

This meant less time of lounging and alone time throughout the day. I realized that early mornings were my only time to have to myself before my roommates woke up. Since then, it’s been my favorite part of the day!

Favorite time of the day
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