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He would have had to adapt to the changing economic conditions, he would have to show more empathy to his workforce and revise his employee engagements including Henry ford persuasive essay reward schemes but most businesses today would want Henry Ford in their business as opposed to against him.

Ford did all this by the invention of the Model T. This developed through his career, as three times he was able to secure investment. By Ford had many new ideas on ways In Ford began using the same parts and assembly-line techniques in his plant.

Emotional intelligence has five components: The table below looks at differences in functions between leadership and management. This allowed more than one man to try to put together a part for the car. Henry Ford was one of the most creative and determined people in the world.

While at home he would repair steam engines and work on the farm. After two unsuccessful tries, Ford motor company was finally incorporated in with Henry Ford as the Vice President and Chief Engineer. Kotter helps with this definition by suggesting that a leader is a person with a vision, who aligns people to that vision through effective communication.

Time Life Inc, He would travel back and forth from Detroit back to his home. Henry was very down and depressed and he felt like he did something wrong.

Critical Reception The impression of Ford during his lifetime has been largely allied with the success of his Ford Motor Company. Ford figured out a way to win their affection, he would buy it.

He died two years later on April 7, of stroke. Around early this improvement, even though it greatly increased production, had resulted in a monthly labor earnings of 40 to 60 percent in his factory, mostly because of the unpleasant dullness of assembly-line work and repeated increases in the production quotas assigned to workers.

In Ford had finished his first project called the Quadricycle.

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For example, the magneto would take one man twenty minutes to assemble it, but with the moving belt the process took only five minutes. In he raised employee wages to five dollars per day more than double the average for factory workers at the time and initiated an eight hour work day lowering the number of hours from a standard of ten to twelve.

Another way a leader can drive performance is by showing their passion to drive their vision in order for it to drive their followers Adair,and by engaging with their people, to unlock their talent and inspire trust and confidence.Essay on Henry Ford.

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The Ford Motor Company has a similar past with the exception of their founder, Henry Ford. Henry was also a racecar driver in fact he not only drove racecars but also built them as well to demonstrate that his designs produced a reliable vehicle.

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Henry Ford’s vision and perseverance was the reason Ford Motor Company was successful but that success would be hard to emulate in the current poor economic conditions and ever-changing market trends we are faced with today.

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