Islamic corporate social responsibility in islamic

Investment companies should spearhead such initiatives; first, to enhance their own production capacity; second, for demonstrating that they are good investment institutions.

All operate according to the laws and principles of investment in Sudan. Field interviews and observations revealed that employment policies are centrally designed, regardless of location.

On the basis of its teachings Muslims created a civilization that over the centuries was in balance with what we now call the natural environment. We can openly, as Muslims, perform actions that are smiled upon in the society as well as in Islam to show people that Muslims are good people.

Socio-economic services linked to electrification, water supply, schools, health facilities, and roads were only established around the areas surrounding the factories for the sole objective of serving their working staff. On its website, the company states: Most of them consider that this area has been monopolized by NGOs for many years.

The war lasted 21 years, adversely affected the social fabric of the state and demolished its already poor infrastructure. It deserves warm support and collaboration not only from Muslims but also from anyone else who cares for a sustainable economy in a healthily plural world.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Islamic Economies – the Case of Sudan

This study raises the following questions: I pray that Allah accepts all of our actions and raises us up with the Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt peace be upon them. It is internationally recognized that businesses have a role to play in preserving and advocating for the environment.

Over the short period of time between andthe state witnessed the biggest influx of companies ever. Right now we see that there is much negative propaganda being mentioned all over the world about Islam. The reason behind this position is the belief that women are treated equally, and not given any preference, when competing with men.

Objectives and approach In light of their allegedly strong commitment towards Islamic ethics and social betterment, the development corporations would be expected to prioritize their work to projects and investments that have positive social impacts and are geared to enhance economic equality and social justice in the society.

Out of the 10 corporations, only two SDB and GNPC allotted resources for philanthropic purposes, whereas eight showed no sign of charitable donations. Environmental advocacy Another key domain of social responsibility is environmental advocacy.

Islamic corporate social responsibility reporting tool

For instance, we can give food to the homeless, we can help out in orphanages, we can defend the weak segments of society, we can stand up against racism, we can stand up against tyranny, we can educate the impoverished children, and so forth. Their spokespeople said that they usually refrain from indulging in any activity that may pose harm to local communities.

Muslims have the obligation to defend their faith now more than at any other time.Islamic Economic Studies Vol. 15, No. 1, July ON CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF ISLAMIC FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS SAYD FAROOK∗ This study proposes a structured definition of the social purpose of Islamic.

At CIMB Islamic, we believe in giving back to the communities where we do business.

Social Responsibility in Islam

It is our belief that corporate responsibility is a virtuous cycle, where our support helps to build and grow sustainable environments where everyone prospers. Islam provides a basis and guideline for living one’s life.

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Within this, there is a very detailed concept of ethical and social behaviour which allows us to deduce that the concept of social responsibility automatically has a role in Islam.

This is a critical point that must be firstly understood. Home/Religion/Clergy Corner/ Social Responsibility in Islam. Clergy Corner Social Responsibility in Islam. Shaykh Hamid Waqar. 2 4, 3 minutes read. One cannot separate the Islamic social and political beliefs and commands from the purely theological and spiritual aspects of the religion.

Islam rejects the dogma of “separation of church. In light of Islamic guidance, the issue of compliance to an ethical code and a weakening sense of corporate social responsibility need to be viewed in a broader context, and a more holistic approach needs to be formulated. Islamic corporate social responsibility principles serve to imbue individuals and organizations with a responsibility to care for society.

As such, it is widely recognized that companies operating according to Islamic principles tend to embrace an organizational culture that is premised on notions of trust, morality, and accountability.

Islamic corporate social responsibility in islamic
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