My favourite travel destination

Be sure to check out Foundation Room on Monday nights if it fits into your schedule. If the city gets too much for you, hop on a train and go visit Ayutthaya, My favourite travel destination Ancient Capital and enjoy some peace and quiet wandering around this historical site.

I could have watched these beauties all day! This capital of Penang was once a trading hub back in the days. What I found there were friendly people, incredible landscapes, and sites like Djenne which are out of this world.

Should be around Truly, no visit to Dubai would be complete without a trip into the desert. There are so many amazing ruins in and around Cusco including Sacsayhuaman and Tipon, not to mention many great trails and hikes; it would take you a long while before you got bored.

In every photo, you could see how these people suffered, and are still suffering, from their past. The calm, quiet streets of these tiny towns was a pleasant change from the usual hustle and bustle from my usual city life. Questions that would tickle you silly by other travellers, when you first travelled, start to become irritating.

The Okinawan lifestyle reminded me of home, growing up My favourite travel destination Perth, Australia my parents always had friends around for a BBQ and drinks especially in the summer.

These three-wheeled vehicles also serve as an excellent way to take in your surroundings. In fact, it should probably be higher on the list. We climbed some big rocks just to cross and trekked high places.

It is definitely a gem for slow travelers or those seeking a break from the bigger cities of Vienna and Salzburg. That all being said, I really enjoyed my time in Vietnam and it was easily my favourite country in Southeast Asia. I returned 20 years later and it blew my mind. During the Vietnam War, children were killed, women were raped and men were massacred.

My Favourite Countries to Travel

Its diverse architecture consisting of British colonial buildings, Chinese shophouses and different places of worship makes it one of the most colorful and culturally diverse city. London still has its rich culture and heritage intact along with its tremendous growth as a powerful city.

25 Wanderers Share Their Favorite Travel Destination

Although there were barely any travelers, there was a large amount of NGO personnel and Westerners part of UN groups and other agencies, concerned with the refugees in Darfur.

Being an art enthusiast, looking for and stumbling on the myriad street art around the city was like a treasure hunt for me. We visited Drass, a small village just outside Kashmir region which has been recorded as one of the coldest places in India.

Actually, it does not even begin to describe the country. With everything a romantic, cheesy, hopeful, yet adventurous girl in me could want, if I were to choose where to live, Capetown would be a difficult choice to beat.

My 5 Favorite Travel Destinations…So Far

I do love Paris for all that it is — elegant, timeless, intimate, historic, charming, artful, formal, food and wine centric — and I loved the way I felt living there — romantic, cultured, sexy, sophisticated, charming, natural.

However, my trip to Chobe National Park was my first ever real Southern African safari and for that it will always hold a massive place in my memory bank.

Why London is my favorite holiday destination?

India is colorful—In the beautiful sarongs the women wear, the spices markets that line the alleys, and the religious festivals the people celebrate. There are castles, beaches, safaris, and some ancient empires to reflect on. Until that happens, Monaco will remain in the bottom half of my favourite countries in the world to travel.

From the restaurants and the markets to sitting in the Plaza de Armas watching the people go by, spending time in Cusco is a rewarding experience. Getting to places like Matterhorn Mountains for a budget traveller like me is nearly impossible.

Prague is beautiful and Kutna Hora was fantastic too, but how much more is there really to see? Leaving Khartoum, largely a safe place, was hard and road permits were required for the multitude of check points.

Women selling sweet potatoes at the base of the mosque 5 Paris, France My Paris! Now, just a quick reminder to people out there, this is a travel related post. However, when I arrived in South Africa, I realized how brilliant this country really is.

The sheer amount of money that is concentrated in such a small place is staggering. As I explore Canada a bit more, it could definitely move up on this list.

Halstatt, Austria Who is the wanderer?My Favorite Travel Destinations. Pins Smoky Mountains National Park ~ This has been a travel destination my entire life. From stroller rides as an infant to sky lift rides with my sons, its the setting for many of my favorite travel memories.

25 amazing travel bloggers share their favorite travel destination and a short story why each place is memorable to them! Home; About. 25 Wanderers Share Their Favorite Travel Destination New Zealand.

One of my all time favourite travel destinations is Tenby in the South of Wales. It is where I was lucky enough to spend a year of my.

Home» My Favorite Travel Destinations. My Favorite Travel Destinations. October 15, By Bob Bales Leave a Comment. By Alexander Klozar, Plzeň, via Wikimedia Commons Since its founding in the city has been an important destination in Bavaria and today is one of the most visited cities in Germany.

Munich offers great. My All Time Top 5 Favorite Travel Destinations August 10, By Sean Ogle While I am the first person to admit that I am far from an experienced traveler, I have been to more places than many.

Tell me something about ur favourite Holiday destination?. Answer / ghazi my favorite holiday destination would be kualalampur in malaysia. u will be enjoying there every time u visit. the place is a mixture of all traditions, cultures and religions.

My Favourite Holiday Destination I have been to several places around the world, Mumbai and Goa in India, Paris in France, Hamburg in Germany, Rome and Venice in Italy, Vatican City, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia but my personal favourite is the Brisbane-Gold Coast trip which also happens to be in Australia.

I liked it.

My favourite travel destination
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