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MevaDecs supported by a beam which is supported by a shoring jack. It can be re-used innumerable times and makes costly re-facing completely redundant.

EcoAs is a hand-set, versatile modular clamp formwork system. The smooth surface of MevaDec is being cleaned by a worker. An example of an Alufix. MevaDec has been placed and the bottom part is shown in this picture.

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They have the same purpose as of the other formworks that we know. Alufix is a formwork by Meva which is light, sturdy, and is crane-independent. Its smooth surface gives a smooth finish wherein form oil is not even necessary. Ecoas as formwork for a column.

In this photo, it is used as formworks for partition walls. According to the definition provided by Wikipedia, Formwork is the term given to either temporary or permanent molds into which concrete or similar materials are poured.

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EcoAs can be cleaned easily because concrete does not adhere to coated steel as easily as on galvanized surfaces. It is intended for walls and slabs in Megawide, it is used for partition walls. What are formworks by the way? Mevadec panels are light-weight, yet strong and are supported by primary and secondary beam which are again supported by shoring jacks.

In this post, I am to focus more on the imparted knowledge that I have about formworks. I luckily witness how these formworks work, how they were used and how efficient they were. This terms may be foreign for you by now, but as you continue reading, you will learn how this formworks work.

In Megawide, EcoAs is used in forming columns and shear walls. But Megawide is not using this method anymore, they are using the advance technology; the use of ALufix, EcoAs, and Mevadec as formworks in their projects. The building was on its 18th floor of construction when I started my internship.

It can be ganged to form walls and is ideal for strip footings, foundation slabs, light shafts, various beams, landings and drain shafts.

In Megawide, MevaDecs are used as formworks for slabs. Rebars, Line and Grade, Concrete, Finishing, Precast, and Formworks; name it and I, probably, have even just a little amount of knowledge about it.

In the Philippines, most of the construction companies are still using the conventional method of formworks or the use of phenolic plywood.Megawide Construction Corporation went public on February 18, with an initial public offering price of P per share.

It was the first company to go public in and is.

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Jobs Information of Ojt / Internship For Civil Engineering Technology Students at Megawide Construction Corporation in Not Given industry located at Not Given. Get this job now!

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My Bookmarked Jobs (0) My Viewed Jobs Employer. Home > NCR Jobs > Quezon City Jobs >. Jun 18,  · Prior to my OJT, I knew I will learn a lot of things, things that I never thought existed, things that have never crossed my mind.

To give you a brief background, I had my internship at Megawide Construction Corporation (MCC). The project was Grass Residence Tower II owned by. My on-the-job training experienced is very happy. I’m very happy because that is myfirst time to travel on board by the different part of the Philippines, also my first time to rode on the big ship like 2Go Travel.

At first, I felt so nervous because I don’t know what is the feeling when you are in the ship, but when the day passing by I’ve never felt that the ship is passing by the ocean.

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Megawide is one of the country’s leading engineering and infrastructure developers, with a decisive portfolio in Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC), Airport Infrastructure, Progressive Property Development, and Renewable Energy.

Megawide Construction Company is a big and steady company. In my 6 years of stay in this company I experienced ups and downs but my team head Engr. Melvino Faustino never let his staff down. Megawide all in all is a good company with many benefits/5(55).

My ojt at megawide construction corporation
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