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Peter, warned by the Streltsy, escaped in the middle of the night to the impenetrable monastery of Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra ; there he slowly gathered adherents who perceived he would win the power struggle.

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Gives information on some of the books that Peter the Great had in his possession and how they influenced his decisions and gave him ideas. He extended the toleration to religious protestors and took land away from these monasteries. To deprive the Boyars of their high positions, Peter directed that precedence should be determined by merit and service to the Emperor.

Russia acquired IngriaEstoniaLivoniaand a substantial portion of Karelia. Though it is a useful source, it can be a bit difficult to understand at times when the article switches between the narrative and anecdote.

The Impact of Peter the Great in the History of Russia

The regular clergy were forbidden to allow men under 30 years old or serfs to take vows as monks. Stasov, which combined clear-cut, even austere lines with richness of decoration and use of colour. Not the least important element at Versailles was the landscaping.

Oxford University Press, As early as the first ballet school in Russia was opened in St. Versailles and the city of St. This was obviously a political act, intended to demonstrate the fact that the year-old Peter was now a grown man, with a right to rule in his own name.

Peter brought the majesty of the West to his own doorstep; it was no wonder that St. Peter I of Russia pacifies his marauding troops after retaking Narva inby Nikolay SauerweidRussia was ill-prepared to fight the Swedes, and their first attempt at seizing the Baltic coast ended in disaster at the Battle of Narva in The Russian Academy of Sciences was instituted in Unlike all earlier Russian tsars, whose Byzantine splendours he repudiatedhe was very simple in his manners; for example, he enjoyed conversation over a mug of beer with shipwrights and sailors from the foreign ships visiting St.

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With access to the Mediterranean Sea was ready to start. The Persian campaign —23 Even during the second half of the Northern War, Peter had sent exploratory missions to the East—to the Central Asian steppes into the Caspian region inand to Khiva in He was now turning his attention to the Baltic instead, following the tradition of his predecessors.

In order to provide armaments and to build his navy Russia had virtually no warships at allmetallurgical and manufacturing industries on a grand scale had to be created; and Peter devoted himself tirelessly to meeting these needs.

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Consequently, the Boyar Duma a council of Russian nobles chose the year-old Peter to become Tsar with his mother as regent. He also tortured a lot of people who disagreed with his policies and conspired to overthrow him including his son who he tortured and executed and his sister who he immured.

Peter paid a visit to Frederik Ruyschwho taught him how to draw teeth and catch butterflies. The new territories were economically advanced than main Russia and Peter used this opportunity to build modern cities such as St.

The original residence, built from towas primarily a hunting lodge and private retreat for Louis XIII.The Impact of Peter the Great in the History of Russia - Emmanuel Twum Mensah - Essay - History Europe - Other Countries - Modern Times, Absolutism, Industrialization - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essayPages: 4.

Peter the Great

World History term papers (paper ) on Why Was Peter The Great An Absolute Monarch: Peter the Great was born on and died in As a Russian leader, he is famous for transforming Russia into a leading European power. He h. Term paper The reign of Peter I the Great (–) ushered in a new and more dynamic age, although even this ruler’s reforming zeal proved inadequate to the central task of creating a national school system, particularly at the elementary level.

Religion was deemphasized as Peter strove to establish at. - Peter the Great of Russia, had great influence on his country where the term “Westernization” is concerned. In this context, Westernization means to be on par, or at least able to compete or hold one’s own, with the West, namely Europe.

Watch video · Peter the Great was a Russian czar in the late 17th century, who is best known for his extensive reforms in an attempt to establish Russia as a great nation. Born in Moscow, Russia on June 9, Peter the Great is credited with dragging Russia out of the medieval times to such an extent that by his death inRussia was considered a leading eastern European state.

He centralised government, modernised the army, created a navy and increased the subjugation and subjection of the peasants.

Peter the great term paper
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