Stylistic analysis of harry porter

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Declarative sentences state facts and end with a period mark. Defense Against the Darks Arts and Potions appear to be the most important. Primary characters are willing to and do suffer unbelievable loss for one another, even giving up their lives in order to do the right thing. This reduces the number of words in the bag of words, and may be more accurate for analysis.

Throughout the course of Book 7, Harry struggles with the quest that Dumbledore has left him: The antagonist, Voldemort, embodies evil and is a clear benchmark for the protagonist, Harry, to battle.

Harry must decide whom he trusts: This dark desire leads him down the path of villainy, transforming him from a disturbed orphan boy into the living incarnation of evil. Perhaps we could have predicted their relationship in the earlier novels by observing this trend?

Since each novel often has Harry starting off at Privet Drive, we can see clusters of Dudley mentions at the beginning of each book. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. Castles, armor, forbidden forests full of fantastic beasts and races of goblins and elves festoon the "Potterworld" experience.

From an orphan with no knowledge of his parents he seems to be growing into a capable and caring individual. Rowling has said that she, herself, would see what Harry sees. Right now, I picked whichever name I think the character is referenced by most in the text ex: Each of these deserves thorough evaluation.

His death leads to the salvation of countless others.

A textual analysis of Harry Potter by an amateur data analyst

Word Counts Below are total and unique word counts for each book. Character relationship analysis was pretty complicated to wrap my head around.

The Order of the Phoenix is twice as long as the Prisoner of Azkaban? The sentiment analysis in my code is oversimplified, which creates some error. The second time around, I was specifically looking for themes — and more specifically, I intended to write this commentary. Friendship is an emotion expressed in such a way that another feels wanted and important; and, there will be feelings of loss or loneliness when the friend is absent.stylistic analysis of Harry Porter.

Topics: Harry Potter, Harry Potter universe, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Pages: 17 ( words) Published: May 3, Introduction STYLISTICS is a branch of linguistics which applies the theory and methodology of modern linguistics to the study of STYLE.

It studies the use of language in. Literature Commentary: Harry Potter Series There are countless other elements worthy of analysis – race and class discrimination, civil disobedience, and the corrupting effect of power, just to name a few – but these three are perhaps the standouts from a Christian worldview standpoint.

A textual analysis of Harry Potter by an amateur data analyst W hen I heard that Waterloo was offering an english literature course based on Harry Potter last fall, I immediately became interested. Medievalism: The setting of Harry's world is an "island" of pseudo-medievalism within the modern world.

Castles, armor, forbidden forests full of fantastic beasts and races of goblins and elves festoon the "Potterworld" experience. Literary devices used in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone book by J.K.

Rowling Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Analysis. Symbols, Imagery, Allegory. One of the coolest aspects of the Harry Potter series is that we get access to two – count 'em – two worlds.

And all for the price of one.

Harry Potter Text Analysis

While Hogwarts, the School of. The seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published in July and sold 11 million copies worldwide within 24 hours.

This makes it the.

Stylistic analysis of harry porter
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