The dark side of leaders essay

On the strategic side, humble leaders will be less overconfident and risky. They use threats and hard tactics in the workplace to gain status and get ahead. For a narcissist, one lover will never be enough. A charismatic personality exudes a motivational force that people find attractive and compelling.

The bright side of leadership can be what moves our society and economy forward, both ethically and profitably.

That leaves boards and top teams to handle, in whatever way they can, what many consider to be essentially a non-acceptable route to market.

In business books and business schools, we often use examples of charismatic leaders, such as Sir Richard Branson, or transcendent leaders, such as Dr. Imagine you are a board member realising that the organisation is involved in bribing in six countries in order to get business, but still all the general managers are performing well.

The more uncomfortable a problem, the more difficult it is to talk about it. By Professor Andrew Kakabadse This article considers the dark side of leadership. However, this leader will not be flashy or charismatic or transcendent.

Unfortunately there may be no other acceptable route to market. The other aspect is personal satisfaction. So, what is an organization to do about the dark side of leadership?

The first three characteristics of this dark side are commonly referred to as the Dark Triad. Yet we must talk about the dark side to leadership.

Story continues below advertisement In the s Oliver Stone made Wall Street to highlight unethical behaviour on Wall Street; yet stockbrokers and business students began to watch it for inspiration.

Exploring the dark side of leadership

Individuals high on psychopathy have poor impulse control, show little remorse for others, including individuals they harm, and lack concern for the morality of their actions. One reason could be legacy, the desire to be remembered. Many other examples suggest to me that boards do have problems which are not being faced.

Not only do they love themselves, they need others to love them and are constantly seeking admiration. There tend to be two points of view on the power of charisma; you are either a great communicator or it could be that you have weak followers.The dark side of leadership is something that needs to be tackled; it clearly is something that is tricky to raise and deal with.

In the same way that everyday issues are talked about candidly, the dark side must be faced up to as a leadership matter of vital importance. In our tale of the dark side of leadership, we need a foil to fight for the good side. However, this leader will not be flashy or charismatic or transcendent.

This leader will. Nevertheless, existing knowledge on the role of leadership in employee creativity remains incomplete because little is known as to whether the dark side of leadership in general and abusive supervision in particular may affect creative performance of employees.

Leader development and the dark side of personality P.D. Harmsa,⁎, Seth M. Spaina, Sean T. Hannahb a University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA b Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, West Point. The Dark Side of a Leader - Hitler Essay - Leaders are often portrayed as heroes and role models, but there is also a darker side to being a leader.

Adolph Hitler was one of the strongest leaders in the last years, if not the strongest leader of all time. The Dark Side of Leaders Words | 6 Pages.

Leaders are often portrayed as heroes and champions, but there is also a darker side to being a leader.

The dark side of leaders essay
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