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Routing algorithm and network connectivity are the key parameters to determine which node will forward the data.

Active Engagement — IoT provides active product, content and service engagement. Battery Limitations — A lot of battery power is consumed while accessing the wireless communication network. Unlike spatial multiplexing in which multiple streams are transmitted, single stream is transmitted in diversity methods and the signal is coded by the employing the technique of space-time coding.

Masters students can go for this topic for their thesis. A foundation program is introduced by EESPL on wireless communication in which the theoretical concepts of the technology will be explained and you will also be provided lessons about the MATLAB software.

Scholars and researchers are working to improve the reliability of the system and to increase the speed. Use of multiple antennas knock-out the problem caused due to multipath wave propagation.

UAV Unmanned aerial network is used by army to collect data and for situation sensing. Handoff can result in drop age of calls, the energy of the system is reduced and it will become less efficient, so the problem of handoff is removed, for which many protocol have been designed.

Following are the main applications of MIMO: End devices are low-powered devices which interact with coordinator and router. Wireless Communication Program Info Wireless communication is one of the best gifts of technology to mankind. OFDM is acronym for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing; OFDM is the modulation method in which multicarrier signal is transmitted.

It can deliver high bandwidth while keeping the cost of operation low. It can also connect to the other WiMax tower using line-of-sight service.

It is more stable than non-line-of-sight and can send large amount of data with fewer errors. SPAN — It stands for smart phone ad-hoc network. It is a wireless network of two or more devices and uses high-frequency radio waves for communication.

In ad hoc nodes use peer to peer method of communication with each other.

Thesis in Wireless Communication

Wireless communication provides vast areas of research because the reliability of the system needs to be improved and lots of advancements are being made in the communication process.

Through this connection with the tower, WiMax provides service to a large coverage area. This data can be used for processing. Routers are intermediates to coordinator and end devices. Channel Equilization Equalization is the reversal of disturbance that is present in the signal. This system is less cumbersome because it do not includes the use of cables.

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These signals arrive at the receiver end with different spatial signatures. Energy efficiency enhancement protocols are used to improve the performance of the system.Aug 10,  · While talking about wireless communication, Qualcomm is the first name hits everyone’s mind.

What are the hot research topics in wireless communications in demand by top R&D companies like Qualcomm? Update Cancel. ad by killarney10mile.com How is this topic for an M. Tech. thesis in wireless communication and networks. Wireless communication is one of the best gifts of technology to mankind.

Wireless communication is field of communication that involves transferring information from one medium to another without using wires. Master thesis on wireless communication. The vision of wireless communication is information exchange between people or devices is the communication frontier of the next few decades and much of them exist in some or the other form.

This thesis examines a wireless alternative to enhance existing communication infrastructures as a primary means of information exchange.

When assessing the need for wireless and making a determination of its use, a study of its markets. Wireless Communication Thesis Topics provides have started to give well defined thesis for your research career and academic grades. We have highly talented. 1 Overview of Wireless Communications 1 These early communication networks were replaced first by the telegraph network (invented by Samuel Morse in ) and later by the telephone.

Ina few decades after the telephone was invented.

Wireless communication thesis
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