Write a report by suggesting how to improve the electoral system in india

Compulsory Registration of Members and Website — It should be compulsory for every political party to have a website and each party should register its party workers.


Fixing of CCTV camera and live on internet — All government offices should be fixed with CCTV so every Indian can see how much hard work the elected politician is doing for the citizens.

It is known as secret ballot.

Comprehensive essays on the Electoral Reforms in India

And it is the Election Commission which is vested under Article of Indian Constitution with the duty of conducting free and fair elections in the country. Unfair means, corrupt practices, money power, muscle power are being freely employed to win the elections.

Before elections every candidate is supposed to file affidavit. Every candidate is required to file an account of his election expenses within 45 days of declaration of results. All the nomination papers are submitted to the Returning Officer. Then comes the turn of the next voter.

It is an essential condition for the success of democracy that people maintain their allegiance towards the democratic institutions based on rule of law.

They take the help of big business tycoons and criminals to win. Limit on number of times how many times a candidate can become member of upper house. The elections are conducted by the Election Commission of India.

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The Delimitation Commission was also constituted under the Chairmanship of Justice Kuldeep Singh in to readjust the division of territorial constituencies in the seats of Lok Sabha allocated to each State.

It has been seen that in spite of the efforts of Election Commission to ensure free and fair election, there are certain shortcomings of our Electoral system. In these circumstances, the independence of the election system would always be under constant threat from the vested interests dominating the party in power which in fact controls administration.

This will stop the political parties from giving false promises to citizens.

To reduce corruption in India we have to bring many type of new laws as well as we have to amend the old laws. Corruption never ends but we should starve hard to limit the corruption. The authority created under the Constitution, and vast powers are assigned to the Election Commission to the extent that it can function as a Civil Court, if needed.

The present majority system should be replaced by a system of proportional representation of all the system of representation, proportional representation will be best suited to our conditions to ensure that legislative bodies.

Parliament brought the Eighty-fourth Amendment to the Constitution in providing that no fresh readjustment of constituencies could be undertaken until the figures of the 1st census taken after year are published. In that case election commission should take 2nd election between only those 2 candidates who got highest votes.

No one should become the head of party because his father or mother is the head of that party. However, a retiring Chief Election Commissioner may be provided an adequate compensation package.

To curb trivolous candidatures the Election Commission made various recommendations: Dinesh Goswami then Law Minister, had been set up early in to study the problem in detail and suggest measures for remedying the flows in the system.

For Lok Sabha every candidate has to make a security deposit of Rs. In order to help reduce the heavy expenses incurred by the candidates in election evering. All these expenses must be required to be examined by charactered accountants and any false entries should be made rigorously punishable.

The security deposit has to be increased to discourage non serious candidates. In this case, recommended constitution of an experts committee by the Law ministry in consultation with the Election Commission.

Electoral malpractices should be declared criminal offenses carrying a sentence of 25 Years.Following are the 26 suggested election reforms for India to improve the election system of India.

1. Not eligible to stand for elections – If any court in India has framed a charges against a candidate then that candidate should not allowed to stand in any public elections.

The Electoral System in India Electoral Laws & System Elections are conducted according to the constitutional provisions, supplemented by laws made by Parliament. The following electoral reforms have been introduced in out electoral system in the last few years. (1) Lowering of voting Age: The constitution Act.

amends Article by substituting the words '18 years' for '21 years'.

Essay on the Electoral Reforms in India

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polling. In this lesson you will read about the Election Commission, electoral system in India and also some suggestions for electoral reforms.

Election Commission of India The architects of the Indian Constitution attached special significance to an independent electoral machinery for the conduct of. If one has to make recommendations to improve the education system, s/he needs to know simple things like the student-teacher ratio or whether there is a principal in each school.

Good data can help identify gaps in the current system.

Write a report by suggesting how to improve the electoral system in india
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